Hasidic jewish dating

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After ambulance corps leaders rebuffed the idea, which a well-known Orthodox Jewish blog called a “new radical feminist agenda,” Freier helped the women launch their own volunteer service and joined it herself.She was still taking her turn on call this past week.In a series of interviews granted to The Post over the last month, both revealed their secret pastime on the condition that their names and certain identifying details be changed to prevent expulsion from their religious community.

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(Freier notes that her new post is separate from those tribunals.) Freier, 51, nicknamed Ruchie, started working as a legal secretary after high school.

College wasn’t customary for Hasidic women, though it has since become more common.

“The very idea that an ultra-Orthodox woman could be a judge” is notable, said Samuel Heilman, a City University of New York sociology professor who studies Orthodox Judaism.

Under the strictest interpretations of Jewish law, women can’t be judges or largely even witnesses in the rabbinical courts that weigh various disputes in Orthodox communities.

NEW YORK -- In some ways, Rachel Freier has a background that might be expected in a new civil court judge.

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