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One day I was on the phone with a woman named Patsy Zukav, talking about something completely unrelated, when she suggested I take a look at the Chinese Ultraman Tiga comics and see if it was possible to translate them and bring them over. (I know you touch on this in the first issue of the comic, but maybe you could elaborate).

Now, I was a huge Ultraman fan as a kid, but, surprisingly, had never once thought to marry that with what I was doing now. The next day, before I'd even said anything to anyone here about it, someone from our Licensing Division came to me and asked if I'd be interested in Jade Dynasty's ULTRAMAN TIGA series -- the same series that Patsy was talking about! After a few months of negotiations with Jade Dynasty, Tsuburaya, and 4Kids, we were ready to roll. O: Did Dark Horse approach 4Kids or Tsuburaya about a comic or was it the other way around? JB: Yeah, even though I grew up in a small, rural town, I was fortunate to have a cable television channel that broadcast all of those great Japanese shows.

I traveled all the way down to Comic Con International in San Diego, California to meet the Dark Horse editors, and just happened to time my application when DH had an opening in their Editorial department. O: What was it that prompted Dark Horse to publish an Ultraman comic and how were you chosen to helm it?

A few job interviews and grammar tests later, I was in. JB: I was looking for a project of my own to launch and was having trouble finding anything that met the specifics I needed. O: Did you have much exposure to Ultraman before this?

Editor Jeremy Barlow took time out from his hectic schedule to clue H! How did you get into Dark Horse and what is your background?

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