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Every day, newspaper articles piled multiple murder stories into one big article, kind of like the morning fútbol round-up, except with more scoring.Several people mentioned to me that in 2009, more Guatemalan civilians were shot, stabbed or beaten to death than in the Iraq war zone.Or at least that’s what Leta relayed to me — I couldn’t make out most of the syllables from the front of the bike. I had just spent the week working in Guatemala City, one of the most dangerous cities in the Western Hemisphere.

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I wish I could remember their names, but the truth is that I can’t even remember Maggie’s name; I made it up. Once he was tuned up, I followed suit, siphoning a low E note, and then tuning the other strings against that. Luke began with a gentle, finger-picked ballad, over which I played accompaniment.

I wondered if the rest of the party – los gemelos, the fit girl, Leta – were dreading the unknown sound that the two of us would generate with these crippled instruments. I was grateful that he had a repertoire of songs to drawn on.

As for Leta, she was a couchsurfer from Upstate New York passing through Antigua on a six-month trek through the Americas.

Luke put on his rounded helmet, looking like a dreamt-up spaceman from a bygone era, and we wobbled and swayed our way out of the busy, central part of Antigua.

Did I mention that she had the muscle tone and firm personality of a capoeira instructor?

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