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THE ER MUST AID AN INJURED IRAQI GIRL: A young girl in Iraq is wounded in a car bombing and local hospitals are unequipped to help.

Gallant (Sharif Atkins) enlists the support of Neela (Parminder Nagra) to secure the needed treatment at County, but getting the girl to the United States proves to be more difficult than initially thought.

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"Some fans may be upset we're taking their happiness away," says exec producer David Zabel.

"I would say we're just complicating it for a period of time." This is Visnjic's first time back with the cast since his contract ended last May (although he had a solo cameo a few weeks ago).

But it's Abby and Luka's relationship that longtime fans really hope will last.

If it's up to Visnjic, there's only one choice — when he and Tierney end their run on the show this spring, their characters' commitment should be intact.

After several months in his native country tending to his ill father, a clueless Dr.

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