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Be modest and let her learn more about you herself.If you try too hard to impress her and abruptly change conversation topics so you can tell her how great you are, she'll eventually lose interest and pass you up.If you're having trouble practicing your conversation skills with girls, you should do as the previous tip says and lead a more interesting life.

If you want to talk to her as if she's more than a friend, remember these important tips: Doing these things will show her you have strength and confidence and aren't intimidated by her.

These are all important things to convey to her as she considers whether or not you're worth dating.

Lead An Interesting Life If you stay at home all day and don't do anything but watch TV and surf the internet in your free time, you should make some changes so you have more interesting experiences and life stories to talk about.

A few ways you can start spending more time away from your home: If you start doing these things, you'll have more to talk about with the girls you meet.

If you're having trouble flirting with girls during conversation, just tease them a little here and there.

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