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Still, as access to rare sexual niches becomes increasingly convenient, talking dirty on a sex line with a total stranger — whose vague advertisement leaves almost everything to the imagination — has yet to lose its prevalence underneath the industry's umbrella.

As a caretaker for those around her, Kathleen knew something had to be done.

Sure, it sounds like a Lifetime movie, but after receiving a compliment on her "bedroom talk" from a boyfriend at the time, she thought of a way to pay that bills that she never might have realized otherwise.

Yet, the idea of a customary position held by college kids — you know, working retail, waiting tables, tending bar — struck Cynthia as "mundane." Instead, she acted on an idea that had been nesting in the back of her head — to become a PSO, like she saw in a movie as a teenager. With a few clicks through the internet, an emailed application, and a two week wait, Cynthia received a phone call from the company's manager to conduct an interview.

During their conversation, she recalls how the manager made sure to provide an ample disclaimer about what to expect in this profession.

But it was not until about a year and a half ago, after her own mother fell ill and in need of constant care, that her alternative profession (and the income it brings) became appealing.

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