Girls rules to dating guys contacts lists of all the dating sites

by  |  14-Mar-2020 02:46

It makes a guy feel small and it definitely annoys him to no end.If you care about your guy, don’t speak highly of any other guy like he’s better than your boyfriend.

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[Read: Why guys watch porn instead of their girl in bed] And just so you know, you can’t stop him even if you tried, believe me!

But what you need to remember is this, he doesn’t love you any less just because he watches porn clips a couple of times a week. Guys love it when a girl initiates sex now and then, or even gets on top of them.

Watching a girl touch herself is such a huge turn on, it’s hard to even explain it in words.

Just move your hands along your breasts and your sides when you’re in bed with him, and you’ll see how quickly he’ll go boing!

If you could take a peek into a guy’s mind, would you? Or ponder over whether you even understand a guy and his mind? They’re not always the best of talkers, and almost all guys have a thick shell that’s hard to penetrate.

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