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The kids take pity on them and they go to Nebraska and find him. It'll make it look bigger." Because he is Canadian, the mohel produces a pair of snippers in the form of a maple leaf.

The following day, Principal Blackman (Greg Hollimon) and Coach Wolf (Sarah Thyre) tell Jerri that she is deep trouble for what she has done.

If the series is set in New York City or its equivalent, you can usually expect at least one of these.

About 12% of New Yorkers are Ashkenazi Jewish and they've had a great deal of impact on the culture, which is part of the reason why You Have to Have Jews.

The baby is given back to Jerri so that she may complete the assignment, but she tries to sell him on the black market.

After pinning the attempted crime on her new class partner Tammi Littlenut (Maria Thayer), she returns the baby to Coach Wolf.

Principal Blackman tells Jerri that she must be "exceptionally unfit for motherhood." Since it is not conceivable that she circumcised the baby, either the show's makers have no idea how serious circumcision is (medically as well as ethically), or she does, and is making a joke so stupid it is ignored.

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