Funny online dating headlines for men

by  |  09-Nov-2019 06:56

This old site will remain available, but is not being updated. Starting June 2011, all new articles are being posted to the new site only.“ Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your fabulous site.

Some of my favorite articles are the biomimetics articles revealing the fantastic design that is obvious to anyone not blinded by the evolutionary goggles.

The commentaries are priceless, and love the embedded humor and clever innuendoes... ” (a database administrator in Texas) “ Creation Evolution Headlines is my favorite website on intelligent design and Darwinism.

Great stuff.” (a historian in Australia) “ You do a terrific job on snatching content from the headlines and filtering it for stupidity and lockstep paradigm thinking!

Not only are you on top of things but you do garnish the dish well!

This is both due to your being always on the cutting edge of all the latest research relevant to the debate over evolution, as well as due to your soberness coupled with your uncomprimising [sic] stand against Darwinism. Please keep it up all costs.” (founder of the Danish Society for Intelligent Design, who is beginning to translate some of our articles into Danish at “ Thank you for your work.

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