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Malinowski, who is the mother of two girls, ages nine and 12, and Bowes are fighting for the passage of a legislation dubbed 'Judy's Law,' which would increase the maximum sentence for aggravated arson if a person is burned.

Anand Jon was facing similar charges in New York, but before the trial began in 2013, the New York prosecutors had independently dismissed almost all the charges in their case which featured almost the same witnesses and charges as the overlapping Los Angeles case.

But Judge Judy Lynch rejected the defendant's version of events, telling him during his sentencing: 'There's nothing to say to a person like you, Mr Slager.

He became known as an "it girl" maker as many of his muses debuted on his runway shows and projects including Michelle Rodriguez, Although prohibited, juror No.

12 had discussed the case with his tenant and told her he felt the girls on the stand all seemed to have the same or similar stories, and that he was under the impression they had all collaborated. 12 re-initiated contact with Sanjana, once again asking her to meet him.

Anand Jon also credits Gianni Versace for his start in the fashion world.

Anand Jon lifestyle and design attracted high-profile celebrities, socialites and royalty as clients.

During the trial, it was shown that the lead detective had destroyed evidence crucial to Anand Jon’s case and had not taken statements from a number of alleged victims who asserted that Anand Jon had never sexually assaulted them.

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