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Rao came back eventually to land a good position with RBC bank, his permanent resident visa came through and he took additional courses at Ryerson, completing his MBA.But things were not about to fall in place for him.

Should you stay on in Canada, a place where you’ve come after much struggle for a better life but find disappointing, or should you go back to your country of birth to be a dutiful son or daughter, or even just because, as it turns out, there are better job prospects outside Canada?

Canadian Immigrant spoke to new and old immigrants, some who feel let down by the system here and are leaving to explore better options and some who acknowledge that there is no other country like this one and will come back one day. Zain Mir (name changed for privacy) is at a senior position at a top educational institution in Saskatchewan.

He tried enlisting the support of a mentor through an immigration support program in Victoria and also applied for government positions.

“I applied for quite a few jobs, and got a total of two interviews. With both positions I came in second; in one position they clearly preferred a Canadian with more Canadian experience and they even told me to my face: ‘She [the winning candidate] knows someone at the Globe and Mail.’ I did not stand a chance, did I? Besides his claim that the skilled worker program is misleading, the other form of bias that he feels is rampant is age discrimination.

He is currently pursuing his Ph D, is happily married and is a Canadian citizen.

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