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There’s nothing inherent about a public school being public that requires it to be crappy. But a few things are necessary for a public institution to run well. I see a couple of advantages of selective taxation compared to Nathan’s public food option: , vouchers taxes/subsidies let the rich and poor participate in the same system.

I guarantee you that a public cafeteria system constructed to serve rich and poor people alike would be 90% poor within a year.

It’s designed to be as healthy as possible while still being pretty tasty. ) bacon with fruit, oatmeal, avocado on toast, or a smoothie. Oh, and you can also always stop by and grab free fruit or other snacks.

It’s not going to be tastier than Mc Donalds fries, but the aim of the American Free Diner is not to get you to hooked on having as many meals as possible, it’s designed to get you to have a satisfying and nutritionally complete meal. Now, you have to eat your meal during the time you’re in the restaurant, so there’s no smuggling food away and selling it.

So it begins turning everything it finds into paperclips.

Soon, the entire planet is nothing but a wasteland of paperclips.

It’s about how a machine given the wrong instructions will produce the wrong results.

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