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by  |  09-Mar-2020 15:31

Tim was about 15 to 20 minutes late which I expected considering he lived further up in the main city of the county I lived in.

While I was debating this Tim’s van drove in and parked in the back, it was a blue old 90s style van with a ladder and a spare tire that was attached to the back of it.

Tim I believe worked for a sporting company or something in that ballpark and traveled a lot and lived in an apartment with a roommate if I remember correctly.

After looking through the chats after a while, I ended up chatting with a man named Tim who was a 45 year old bisexual white male.

I saw his picture and let me say if i thought he was very ugly I not have done it, I wasn’t doing it with just anyone.

I could not risk looking for someone I know out of fear that people would find out so I never even considering looking in that direction, which is why I chose to look at the aim chat rooms.

Overtime, I would arrange meeting with men of all ages but I would end up ditching them by eventually not responding or just not showing up and never speaking to them again.

I was going through with this and I refused to wimp out and repeat everything again and most likely again after that.

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