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Tomorrow we will meet at the pier at about 9am and take the large boat on the 1 ó hour trip to the hole.

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She had just finished cumming when our new friends Brenda and Tom had come down to the beach for the late afternoon cocktail party.

I'm guessing from the wink Brenda gave to my wife she had figured out that Liz's flushed complexion wasn't just from a little too much sun.

Then its back here for the late afternoon." "What are the chances of meeting other groups? I'm really getting tired of wearing the same thing even if it is only at dinner." "Liz, I've got an extra pareo in my packed stuff. Liz and I said our good nights and made our way back to our bungalow.

The sky was perfectly clear and the stars were amazingly bright and close.

I sat down on one of the loungers and Liz sat down between by legs, leaning her back against my chest while we reclined, looking up at the heavens.

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