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The only disadvantage about it is that you have to make a separate GUI for it, (Graphic User Interface).

Go tgrough the below tutorial and enhance your C skills.

The hacker gets victims (or better known as slaves) by spreading a Trojan, Trojan can be defined as a Malware(malicious software) that is made by a hacker Hackers spread their Trojan by mostly presented it as a helpful handy program so that other downloads it..!!

But instead, that program became handy they give the hackers access to your computer.

Here is an excellent tutorial that can be used to learn HTML5 in just 1 hour, just click on the pic and you will be directed to the course: Javascript is another most powerful and popular scripting languages used on the web… And you can do some cool things with it such as making slideshows with it or open hundreds of tabs at once, with a simple easy trick.

Here another great course to learn Javascript: PHP and My SQL are used for databases. It will be really good if you understand those languages, they play very vital part in website security (especially My SQL).

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a very nice tool to hide your IP so that you can remain anonymous as an IP can be used to trace your physical location. But Be careful while choosing your VPN as there are some VPN’s that keep logs.

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