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kudos to eglobal they called me to confirm payment and shipping address shoulda gone with them instead of Citiwide for my other order Depends on how you look at it.You're not paying tax when you should be so what they're doing and what your participating in is obviously illegal. Sent them an Email on friday asking about shipping ETA. placed an order for a slr on friday, shipped on monday, arrived on wednesday afternoon.

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Whether someone wants to do that is up to them I guess. Other Grey importers even make you pay GST and customs when you purchase an item which is then passed on to customs so the package can get through quicker. Received an Email back a little later saying the Lens was despatched at 15.45hrs Friday. they require a land line for them to call you to confirm details.

Also, the package may be stopped even if its undervalued and you'll be asked for a receipt if they feel the items are worth more. my package was over $1000 and i requested the value to be under in which they happily obliged.

Seems very well packed too (haven't opened it yet as I'm at work).

No issues here, My D700 even by passed customs so i did nt need to pay for customs/duties.

I again spoke to an e Global consultant who advised that the item was not in stock. So on 23/11/2010 I again got online and spoke to one of their consultants who advised that the battery was still not in stock.

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