Freak dating

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For Max, the moral world was strictly divided into black and white, good and bad.

He would talk about people he knew, people he worked with or who worked for him and people who were mentioned in the news.

If you have ever been called a nerd, geek, freak or have a weird kink then this site is for you.

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Reports reaching THE STAR is that Dempster and other colleagues were on their way home last week when disaster struck.

THE STAR was informed that the bus made a stop at the Greater Portmore Shopping Centre, where some of the passengers took advantage of the stop to buy fruits. Her older son Oral Allen said the information he got from the traffic police is that earlier in the day, a bus drew down the wires which were to be repaired.

For example, if she stayed over at his place and he made breakfast, he would clean his dishes and put them away even while she was lingering over her breakfast.

And no sooner would she eat the last bit of toast than he would scoop up her dish and clean her plate as well.

She'd even gotten the impression that this fellow might be looking for someone to support him. Nikki was a professional herself -- a computer programmer -- and her work, like Max's, demanded organization and attention to detail.

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