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When I returned to New York a few days later, I was lost. I started to fear I was going crazy.” In a Fox News Channel interview with Howard Kurtz, Powers explained the revelation to her “wasn’t a one-moment-kind-of-thing.

I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying. It was something that over a year probably of going to church and studying the Bible and a lot of different things.

“I called the Charlottesville Police Department and I said, ‘I have been told that there’s a warrant out for my arrest.’ They said that they wouldn’t confirm it but that I could find this out if I wanted to go a local magistrate or something," Cantwell said on the video.

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I ended up in a Bible study and the rest is sort of history.” The Creator of all things says you’ll be sitting on the throne of Jesus, judging angels and the citizens of this world.

Find out God’s spectacular destiny for you that most churches never like to mention in the best-sellers “The Divine Secret” and “Shocked by the Bible,” both personally autographed!

Jesus came to me and said, ‘Here I am.'” “It felt so real.

I didn’t know what to make of it,” Powers explains in Christianity Today.

The Portland news media get their closure messages from a news clearinghouse.

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