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Make as many arguments as you want for being perpetually single and free. It should be noted that “comfort zone” is subjective.There’s a very strong argument for this being the unequivocal best kind of sex. So instead, you just rub one out through your pajama flap while you lay in bed together. Others might just want to introduce a few new positions or watch some porn together. Any long-term couple has had a bit of a dry spell together followed by a tornado of intimacy.6. Sometimes you just can’t help it and you wind up wildly late to that fancy dinner thing.You don't have to worry about what his friends think of you, and vice versa. So when you tell them you're dating, they are, if it's possible, even more psyched than you or your friends combined. You know, just , that he will never ever give up on you.

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He already knows the reasons you are sometimes a super-sad pile of anxiety. So your dad cheated on your mom and now you occasionally ask suspicious questions because you know with every part of your weird little heart that he wouldn't cheat on you but you're still terrified?

Your issues aren't going to blindside him on the sixth date. So you (I) start writing weird songs about space travel when you're tired, then start laughing for no reason and seem drunk but aren't? Part of the reason he loves you (me) is because you are (I am) a genuine, grade-A weirdo. You will never have that moment where you're like, "Oh, that sex was fun but now WTF are we supposed to talk about? " Look, I don't have a lot of post-sex grass convos, but you know what I mean. He knows why and answers them and kisses you on the forehead, and then you just just chill and eat nachos.5. You can tell him anything that makes you nervous or sad or scared or super-happy, and he will never judge you for your emotions. You don't need to awkwardly pry for info on his past relationships. You already know why sometimes he is a ridiculous person you kind of want to punch.

Not even a year later, that thought has become a reality.

You’ll never get to have make up sex where you simultaneously can't wait to not be fighting anymore, but also let out any leftover aggression. Sometimes, you can’t be bothered to go through all fanfare and hullabaloo of sex. Some couples might see it as buying a pair of fur handcuffs. But once you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, there comes a time where one of you says, ‘Hey, I think we should really switch things up.’ 4. There are days where you wake up hungover, or groggy. In a long-term relationship, it’s fine to just go at it with the bare minimum every once in awhile.5. In a long enough relationship, you go through peaks and valleys in the amount of sex you’re having.

For many of us, Thanksgiving kicks off a season of celebration which doesn’t really seem to stop until sometime in January.

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