Fifteen minutes of dating heaven Web direct flirt

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Our time with God in the morning (although any time can be your quiet time) sets our stage for our time with men during the day.Our time in the morning with God is not meant to be a ritual or a routine but a relationship.But I do have a problem (I am confessing now) reading the email from men before we "open" God's "email" to me!

In fact, you know you are in serious need of a Quiet Time when you don't have time!

Jesus speaking to His disciples said "Come ye yourselves apart to a desert place, and rest a little." (Mk KJV) The Quiet Time is a place to "come apart" from the world and rest in Jesus.

" (Ps 37:4) Or they fall into the subtle trap of reading someone else's devotional thoughts, to the neglect of focusing on the pure milk of God's Word.

There is nothing wrong with devotionals per se, but there is if they are used as a substitute for personal time in God's Word.

And yet in the middle of her busy day, she would sit down in a chair and pull her apron up over her head and have her Quiet Time!

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