Fear of rejection in dating

by  |  15-Feb-2020 14:28

For the latter group, their glum outlook on dating is understandable, as the path to finding a partner is often a difficult one. The uncertainty of dating has made some people fearful – a natural response to vulnerability. For women afraid to date, it’s important that such feelings are okay. For our male readers, you may find that some these words describe your thoughts and feelings on the subject of dating, as well. Unfortunately, dating often involves plenty of it – which quickly becomes disheartening.

Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (f MRI), scientists have found that rejection follows the same pathways of the brain that receives pain signals. Considering the brain’s tendency to relive negative life events – and the manifestation of emotional and physical pain that rejection brings – it quickly becomes apparent why a woman who has been hurt would fear the notion of dating.

If you’ve ever been with a woman who you deeply cared for, only to have your chances squashed by some ex, then you understand the immense frustration and hurt that affects both people.

”For those in a relationship, odds are you didn’t find your partner right away.

In essence, being rejected is similar to being told “You’re not good enough.”In addition to influx of negative emotions, rejection inflicts damage to psychological well-being.

It becomes harder when you’ve gone further down the line and formed an attachment to someone only for them to then change their mind.

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