Fatima bhutto and george clooney dating

by  |  04-Apr-2020 19:57

Bhutto considers Ghinwa to be her real mother and political mentor.

She is the granddaughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nusrat Bhutto, an Iranian Kurd, niece of Benazir Bhutto.

Her parents divorced when she was three years old and her father took Bhutto with him moving from country to country and she grew up effectively stateless.

What, then, could spark a bigger media circus than a "secret romance" between George Clooney and Benazir Bhutto's 26-year-old niece, Fatima?

Newspapers across the subcontinent were thrown into frenzied excitement yesterday when America's most influential supermarket tabloid claimed that Clooney had embarked on a long-distance relationship with Ms Bhutto after meeting her at an international conference last year.

"Now he wants her to spend time with him in Hollywood.

He's still out there with his usual assortment of eye-candy hanging from his arm.

Her father was killed by the police in 1996 in Karachi during the premiership of his sister, Benazir Bhutto.

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