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Educated as Master of Law Science, has MBA degree in International Law, Neringa supervises all legal aspects of the project.

Previously Neringa was holding top law executive positions in various international companies.

To this end, the Proof of Contribution (Po C) algorithm will be used.

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User rights—those of the suppliers and consumers—will be symmetrically protected by special heuristic program algorithms, global code of conduct, and user disputes settlement procedures enforced by the Cryptaur Arbitration Service.

Under certain circumstances, restoring justice may entail application of reverse and forward crypto-paybacks and sharing-graces, and in exceptional cases—re-adjustment of earlier awarded team-bounces.

Cryptaur is to increase the efficacy of all social interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial.

This goal will be achieved by creating a fast blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis.

Simon Schnoll is a biophysicist, and a historian of Soviet science.

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