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I wanted to be more like him spiritually: poor in spirit and pure of heart.

After that pilgrimage, I began to ask for Father Solanus’s intercession, but only sporadically.

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And the operation not only went flawlessly, but I was told by the on-call obstetrician that it was “miraculous.” (I tell this story in greater detail in my forthcoming book, published by Sophia Institute Press.) When Sarah entered the world, I knew Father Solanus had a hand in her life, because the circumstances surrounding her birth were so visibly holy.

So I requested a third class relic badge with a piece of cloth touched to his tomb that I brought to Sarah’s surgeries.

Honest, a little bit too much I think but you could have lots of fun with me :) I'm a dentist, despite I've been living.. I am from New York however live in Cuenca, Ecuador.

This sentence nearly leapt off the page of a thin book of collected quotes by Father Solanus Casey that I purchased at the St. I was a young college student, and my faith was in its springtime as I embraced my singlehood to grow and mature in everything related to Catholicism.

My heart was inconsolable, yet somewhere in the abyss of my fear, a tiny voice said to me, Instantly I offered a silent supplication to my Capuchin friend in Heaven, and my heart was still and quiet.

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