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Peeling away his face, Orochimaru reveals the face of a girl whose body he has taken; Orochimaru's key to living forever is to take the bodies of others to extend his lifespan, and he reveals his intentions of stealing the body of Sasuke Uchiha to use as his new body.The Third Hokage regrets not killing Orochimaru years before when he had the chance. The happiness you are looking for is long thanks to . We will write to you one by one the strangers and beautiful original Online Chat girls who are starting to see you. On the left side of the system with the ” NEXT ” feature, you will chat without being bored. Thanks to this NEXT button you will not always talk to the same girl. With Cam Chat Omegle your life will become colorful.

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, Hokage no Ayamachi Kamen ni Shita no Sugao) is episode 72 of the original Naruto anime.

Sasuke finally manages to catch up to Gaara, but Temari stalls him so that Kankurō and Gaara can escape. At the Hokage battle, Orochimaru shows the Third Hokage the fruits of his quest to gain immortality.

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