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Add this to validate the surname textbox: Private Sub txt Surname_Leave(sender As Object, e As System. Leave 'Create A Pattern For Surname Dim str Surname As String = "^[a-z A-Z\s] $" Dim re Surname As New Regex(str Surname) 'Attach Pattern To Surname Textbox 'Not A Match If Not re Surname. Add the following code to validate your phone number textbox: 'Function To Check Phone Number Validity Public Function Validate Phone(By Val str Phone Num As String) As Boolean ''Create Reg Exp Pattern Dim str Phone Pattern As String = "^[1-9]\d-[1-9]\d-\d$" 'Create Reg Ex Object Dim re Phone As New Regex(str Phone Pattern) 'Something Typed In If Not String. This function is later called inside the textbox's Lost Focus event, which also fires when a control loses the focus. Keep in mind that each country has its own domain name, which sometimes will look like: Private Sub Validate Email() 'Set Up Reg Exp Pattern To Allow Most Characters, And No Special Characters Dim re Email As Regex = New Regex("([a-z A-Z0-9_\-\.] )@((\

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