Error validating server certificate for xcode

by  |  12-Jun-2020 01:11

This process is known as , and by signing that certificate Entrust is guaranteeing that the maintainers of the Dev Forums server hold the private key associated with the public key in the certificate.

X.509 certificate trust evaluation is a recursive two-step process: If X.509 trust evaluation is successful, the system then applies additional TLS-specific checks.

If this trust evaluation fails, the client refuses to connect.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, some benign—the server might be using a self-signed certificate, an intermediate certificate is missing, and so on—and some malicious—the server is an impostor, looking to steal the user's data.

You should read this document if you're creating an i OS or Mac OS X program that uses HTTPS, TLS or SSL to talk to a server securely, and you need to resolve a server trust evaluation failure or enforce a stricter form of server trust evaluation.

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