Eric stoltz dating laura linney

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"I just LOVED being around these boys, it was just so much fun", she exclaims with a genuine passion.

"These are all men who know what they're doing and not adolescent boys who don't do their work.

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"I think more than just women, when there's a tragic event, I think the repercussions of how it moves through an entire family, I think is what this film is really about," she says, not wanting to intellectualise on the whys and wherefores of the role of women in Eastwood's patriarchal world.

As for working in such a testosterone environment, Linney didn't seem to mind one bit.

Also I just thought the part was so interesting", she adds.

In this male-driven drama, Linney doesn't quite know what the role of the women in the film is, specifically, and pauses reflectively on the subject.

I see him milling about with co-star Laura Linney in the hotel lobby. To pass the time, I ask my photographer, who's worked with Stoltz before, what to expect.

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