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[36] The schools of Sunni Islam take different positions on the treatment of homosexual and lesbian acts.

The Hanbali school treated male sodomy as carrying the penalty of death as hadd, regardless of the marital status of the offender, while lesbianism was punished (under all schools) as a ta’zir offense.

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19, 2010; Richard Clark, The History of Beheading and Decapitation, accessed Sep. Richard Clark, Executions Worldwide, accessed Aug. See this page and the links to month-by-month tabulation to confirm that reports of executions have been of beheadings except in one case in 2009. [5] According to a media tally based on official announcements, 153 executions were carried out in 2016. [7] Amnesty International reported at least 154 executions, implying that it believes that more executions were carried out. For most schools, including the Hanbali school, all participants in a group robbery resulting in death were punishable by death, regardless of cause or intent. By Fatwa issued on August 30, 1988, acts of terrorism (as “corruption on earth”) carry the mandatory death penalty; the ambit of this Fatwa is unclear. [38] Pardon may includes the reduction of penalties and is not always a full pardon. Individuals who face the possibility of a death sentence are tried before a 3-judge panel known as a General Court. The principle of non-retroactivity and legality is pronounced and developed in the Quran and the Sunna. Ta’zir offenses can be inflicted where the Quran or Sunna described an offense but did not provide a penalty, and may also be prescribed by public authorities (as long as the crime and punishment is consistent with the Shari’a) in the public interest—but the death penalty should rarely apply. Sherwani, Impact of Islamic Penal Laws on the Traditional Arab Society, p.

Brian Evans, An Execution and Crucifixion in Saudi Arabia, Amnesty Intl. 2, 2009; Amnesty Intl., Affront to Justice: The Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia, p. [8] There were 158 executions in 2015 according to Human Rights Watch and Reprieve. [9] The description of this offense as “corruption on earth” suggests that the penalty may be hadd. For those facing death for tazir crimes, the court must either sentence the offender to death unanimously or, in the case of non-unanimity, obtain a 3-of-5 majority upon the addition of two judges to the court for sentencing purposes. Brill, 1961; Khaled Abou El Fadl, The Culture of Ugliness in Modern Islam and Reengaging Morality, p. Muhammad Abdel Haleem, Adel Omar Sherif & Kate Daniels, eds., Criminal Justice in Islam: Judicial Procedure in the Shari’a, p.

[15] For a fuller explanation, see our comments—because the evidentiary requirements for this hadd are demanding, it is more likely that the death penalty is applied as ta’zir for aggravated rape. [40] Appeals can be filed up to 30 days after deposit of judgment.

For instance, rape is reported to result in the death penalty, [16] and further investigation shows that the offender was a serial rapist who secluded and robbed his victims. Robbery is punishable by death as hadd, but in most schools (including the Hanbali school) only when resulting in death. After 45 days, with or without the defendant’s filed appeal, the Appellate Court must engage in automatic review of any sentence of death, [41] which cannot be confirmed except by unanimous decision if the sentence is discretionary. Brill, 1961; Khaled Abou El Fadl, The Culture of Ugliness in Modern Islam and Reengaging Morality, p. Because Salifism advocates a unification of Islamic law, this additionally obscures which reasoning a jurist may find more influential in interpreting Islamic law.

[42] We did not find any recent statutory law or description of the punishment of offenses by military personnel. Partaking of intoxicants has been considered a hadd offense with the penalty of whipping.

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