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Economic violence includes attacks by larger groups motivated by economic gain – such as attacks carried out with the purpose of disrupting economic activity, denying access to essential services, or creating economic division and fragmentation.Clearly, acts committed by larger groups can have multiple motives.

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However, in both research and practice, the dividing lines between the different types of violence are not always so clear..

State violence also involves upholding, forms of violence of a structural nature, such as poverty, through dismantling welfare, creating strict policies such as 'welfare to work', in order to cause further stimulation and disadvantage Poverty as a form of violence may involve oppressive policies that specifically target minority or low socio-economic groups.

When interpersonal violence occurs in families, its psychological consequences can affect parents, children, and their relationship in the short- and long-terms.

Child maltreatment is the abuse and neglect that occurs to children under 18 years of age.

Collective violence is subdivided into structural violence and economic violence.

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