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by  |  08-May-2020 13:09

With a Quad Core and 4 gigs of ram w/ the 3 gig switch enabled running on 32 bit XP, It takes about 10 min to open my composite model. Dave Peterson BIM Coordinator Acad - 2016 - Revit 2018 w/ A360 - Navisworks - 3ds 2018 - Ensacpe - Lumion - Win 7 64 - i7-6700K 4.0GHz 32GB DDR4 Ram - Nvidia Quadro K2200 "The more you know, the less you know, because the more you know you don't know". I have done a recover, audit, and purge of all the xrefs and the main dwg. Since this is our plotting dwg I need to have all those xref's loaded.

If I try to put the mechanicals in, I can't open the file. I get the same problem loading in 1 floor of framing with all the mechanicals for the floors above and below. Now when I don't have any of the x-refs loaded, it opens in a matter of seconds. If it's just the grid that seems to be a problem child, if you post just that drawing, I'll see if I can open it. If I save everything to a flattened 2D world and unload all the xrefs, then I lose all my object info to work on.

If I uninstall the Object Enabler, it goes back to opening in 45 secs.

There are other dwgs that we have that deals with more duct and piping (3d objects) that take similar amounts of time. There is only one of the xrefs that has an attached grid that is pulled in.

It consistently takes 7mins-9mins to open this dwg, different people, different computers, and different connections to the network.

Is there anything that can be done to speed this up.

Please do not tell me that we need to upgrade to a higher version of A-MEP.

I thought I would try binding the dwg (we have to do that every once in awhile to send to our customers) in ADT07 (without the Object Enabler) but it will not bind the xrefs with 3d duct in them. My guess is because it can not interpret the info inside of the 3d duct objects.

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