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Click on a course to see details about the course on top and compare it to others.This Course List is meant to provide students with general information regarding available online courses.The course will introduce the student to the nature of the agribusiness industry and concepts in management that will assist the student in preparing a basic business plan.

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The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary skills for future entrepreneurs and entry level managers that will enable them to analyze the international agricultural value chain and make educated and gospel centered business and marketing decisons.

This course introduces students to the application of microeconomic principles using basic Excel spreadsheets.

This course will provide in-depth information about the preparation and content of documents within a project manual.

It will define and explain different types of contracts and specifications.

This course is designed to give students an introduction to financial accounting and reporting concepts, including an overview of the accounting cycle, financial statements, related disclosures, and the ethical responsibility of accountants in business.

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