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Men don’t date me because they think we can have a nice life together, they date me men who didn’t want kids, I have never dated one. I’m constantly plagued by the fear that strongly attracted to women, I often just end up feeling like an outlier.

They’re a little rare.)There is also something a little bit socially darwinian about the whole thing. I feel like I’m some weirdo, as if there’s something wrong with me.

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actually, a high percentage of lesbians don’t seem able to do this.

Many lesbians I have dated seemed to be barely getting by, and this is absolutely because of the intersection of female and queer oppression, and I can’t blame them for wanting to ease their life, but I also want to be loved for being something other than an ATM.

Because their nests are so costly, many men give up on their personal desires and dreams to build them, so things like “a woman with shared interests” becomes less important.

Why date a girl with shared interests if you had to give up all your hobbies to attract her? I’ve seen too many men give away too much of themselves trying to attract women with their material success.

And even better, Centaur started it off with his own Top 10 List: 1) Your eyes.

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