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Moreover, God has prescribed mercy upon Himself: ‘ Accordingly, it is forbidden to equate ‘the sword’—and thus wrath and severity—with ‘mercy’.

Text); Time Span t1 = dt Project Start Date - dt; showing error Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.

now iwant that if this condition stands then it should show 1 day . thanx you so much ya it's working....thank you so much[: D] int days = cdr Calendar1.

then it should show 0days acoording to logic, and its showing.

Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri, alias ‘Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’, To the fighters and followers of the self-declared ‘Islamic State’, Peace and the mercy of God be upon you.

so it becomes easy with single line of code i did this way..

Dldating com

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