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Did the strains and weaknesses in the bedrock of New Madrid come because of a big glacier(s) that stopped in central and southern Illinois, one just south of Carbondale, IL, and pushed the New Madrid subsurface? Book excerpt --- New Madrid was a favorite stopping-off place for river boatmen bound in both directions, and on any given day, the boats would arrive by the dozen.

Or did the fault (attempted separation) come when the ancient landmasses formed the continents we now know? A frontier missionary once counted a hundred vessels in New Madrid's harbor.

I visited downtown New Madrid on that Sunday afternoon when broadcast trucks from Detroit to Dallas were parked in the downtown area of the town, population 3,200. The parking and extra phone lines for the vehicles appeared to be very neatly planned.

A sheriff's deputy minding the jail a block away wondered why CBS alone needed large satellite trucks from different cities.

"If something real would happen here, we already store water and tell people to turn their gas off." H. "Buddy" Townsend, who runs an insurance agency on Main Street, recalls waking up in the night as a young man, with earthquakes sounding like a herd of buffalo running outside his window. But, really, We covered controversy over a convention center built on the Paducah riverfront.

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