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And then on to what I do now, which is controls (mostly DDC these days).One can obtain from the manufacturer of whichever line and model of filter you use a quoted DP point that they'll suggest to be a good guideline to indicate that the filter is probably loaded and should be changed.switch how do you calculate the correct differential pressure across the filter to know when hes dirty? Filter types vary but say a perf 2" filter with a max velocity of 500fpm if all was well ie duct size, cfm dilivery.

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I agree with previous thread that regular inspection of filters would be helpful.

PMs Good luck "There is plenty of room at the top because very few people care to travel beyond the average route.

High static and low static readings or alarms minimum VFD also possibly the ability to digitally read the CFM delivered.

The fan specifications should tell you what your filter drop should or should not be and using the vacuum, the pressure or differential drop, should be sufficient for determining a filter change.

Differential: Pressure probes located on opposing side of the filter will detect high differential pressure reached as filters get dirty.

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