Datingservices find your soul mate today

by  |  03-Jun-2020 09:58

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Pen pals need not apply I read a recent article in AARP magazine about dating over fifty. Ellen Lots of women and men of all ages look for love on the internet, due to time constraints; for example my twenty-five year old tenant found her current love on the internet. Normally they post a picture that is ten years old.

One red flag is if you have not met in over a month. Some internet Romeos are married or partnered; others like to write, and write, and write; others are unsuitable by age, girth, smoking habits, or grammar. You should also be clear in your profile that you would like to see current pictures of men, not old ones.

I sometimes feel unattractive but my friends tell me I am pretty.

I found someone that stood out from the others for his intelligence, kindness, and humor.

You have to be careful, you have to pay attention to red flags, I know it's exciting after all of this time but don't abandon all common sense.

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