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Thus, the guru is one, who with his radiance of spiritual knowledge, dispels the darkness of ignorance in his disciple.The guru is the manifest form of the unmanifest teaching principle of God to guide the spiritual seeker towards self/god realization and to grace the seeker's progress on the spiritual path.

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A true disciple is spiritually mature enough to understand and follow the high level guidance of the guru.

Hence, a true guru (in manifest/human form) will automatically come into the disciple's life to uplift him to his ultimate destination of God-realization.

If the trailer of the movie is an indicator, this movie is likely to hurt the sentiments of spiritual seekers and Hindus worldwide, who hold the "guru-disciple" relationship as sacred.

Examples of denigration of Hindu concepts in "The Love Guru" trailer include: Significance of True Gurus or Spiritually Evolved Masters As per the Hindu scripture "Guru Gita" (authored by the Sage Vyasa), in the Sanskrit term "guru," "gu" refers to darkness of ignorance about God and "ru" refers to radiance of spiritual knowledge that dispels the spiritual ignorance.

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