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Since this is Christmas Day and the majority of Christmas parties are over use the next week to prepare for your New Year’s Eve affair. Since then she has made a series of moves from one place and situation to another.

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When it comes to Christmas cheer Sophie Lynne has nothing to say but “Bah. Far too often the season is just about moving product and making the bottom line bigger at the end of the year.

Also, Sophie works in retail and at Christmas time that can be even more stressful than during the rest of the year.

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A trans woman who spent thousands on surgeries to look like a Bratz doll experienced an unfortunate problem. Learn about a holiday party for trans people in Detroit. Last month Cate O’Malley wrote about the worry she had when she was young that her need to present as a female might mean she was gay.

Even for people who are sexually active with multiple partners.

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