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When faced with the prospect of finding a date, there were a few choices.

Going to the bar or single events through church were some of the options, and then there was good, old-fashioned newspapers with a section for love search -- you place an ad, cross your fingers, and hope for a connection.

Both methods are acceptable and have proven to work, it really just depends on what you prefer.

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On Sunday I did my **insert your hobby or pastime here** and caught up with some friends.” I am now very intrigued! One of the toughest things I teach is to reconnect with fun. ”Hunt Ethridge from Make dating just an extra part of your life rather than your entire life. No one wants to be with the person who is obsessed on finding ‘the one’.

We want someone who has an active social life, interests, hobbies and passions and a contentment that is not ultimately governed or determined by whether they find someone or not. Kezia Noble from MALES - This is directed to Single, available men who want a relationship: Take Charge!

Let your personality shine through and show that you are educated by making sure your bio is rid of glaring grammatical mistakes.

Also, indicate what you are looking for in a date as opposed to what you are not looking for.

In the general dating category, you'll find all sites that are not restricted to specific interests, activities, religions, regions, sexual orientation or anything else.

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