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(Sidenote: I hear Bumble, where only the girls can make the move on the guy, is the hottest app out there now. He continues:“I’m so glad I’ve met someone I like.”I finally manage to escape and as I’m driving home I’m having a conversation with myself:“Listen princess, this guy texts you daily, asks you out regularly, plans dates, has a job, is cute, already has a child and doesn’t want more, thinks you’re pretty, and hasn’t dropped you on your ass yet. ’……because if he orders me something it’s not like I can say “no thanks! He mentioned countless times throughout the date that he travels constantly so the woman he dates has to be understanding of that. Turns out men of all income brackets can be terrible!

FIRST guy that pops up is tall, gorgeous, and appears to be gainfully employed. He asked what I liked to drink so he could have something waiting for me, which I thought was sweet. And I remember on my first online date ever the guy invited me to his fancy house in the hills and I responded with, “That depends.

Encouraged by the rush of endorphins by doing something different, I was looking forward to it!

That’s not to say some 34 year old couldn’t get hit by a bus tomorrow, but regardless, 50 makes me uncomfortable. A SEVEN PARAGRAPHS LONG (plus 2 long paragraph PS’s) manifesto. I fell and ripped my favorite pair of red jeans when I was walking with him to the next bar. I figured if he could get past my drunken state, I could get past the worst hair day of Pauly Shore’s life residing on top of his head. I try to end the awkward by bringing the conversation back to just the two of us and opening my menu so we can order.

I still read the email because hey, if I’m going to go to the trouble of opening it, might as well read it. A date was set.30 minutes pre-date he texts me asking if it’s ok if we meet 30 minutes later than planned. He’s an investment banker, which normally would make me feel like I’d hit the internet dating jackpot, but this guy is making the Wolf of Wall Street look like he went to charm school.

He was super nice, friendly, easy to talk to, all good things.

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