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Current estimates in the United States suggest that approximately 50% of sexual assault cases involving adolescents and young adults involve alcohol consumption ( reported on alcohol use, IPV, and sexual coercion and HIV among 3,422 Ugandan women in adolescence and early young adulthood.

among adolescents range from 15% to 40% contingent on the definitions used (e.g., verbal or physical violence versus violence resulting in a serious injury) and populations sampled (e.g., general population versus clinic samples).

Despite variations in definitions and populations, most cross-sectional and more recent longitudinal studies Alcohol and other drug use are also frequently associated with IPV and sexual coercion among adolescents and young adults.

Adolescents, especially girls, are at increased risk for STIs, including HIV, as a result of coercive and violent sex.

Sexual coercion is associated with having multiple sexual partners, unprotected sex, alcohol and/or drug use before sex, substance use, and STIs ( reported that frequency of cannabis use in grade 7 was a significant predictor only for the amount of predatory violence in grade 12, not the likelihood of any predatory violence in grade 12.

We identified two studies using adolescent samples.

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