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Birch became their marketing campaign as they promoted the focused and punchy sound over the dark sound of mahogany and the bright 'ringy'' sound of maple. So how good a deal did he give you since they were water damaged? I'll agree with Chris here Send a private message to Artstar. Quality - Quality - Quality The moment I opened the mounted tom, it screamed quality.

I remember when I tried to match my numbers up they didn't except for one and that showed 99'. A photo posted by Yamaha Drums Official yamahadrumsofficial on Jan 8, at 9: Find all posts by rculberson. I also have an 8" RC tom that I bought a couple of years ago from Bennett's dating yamaha recording custom drums shop.

The company manufactures acoustic and electronic drum kits as well as percussion instruments, marching band equipment, and drum hardware.

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom - In production from the Early 1990s until the mid 1990s.

Similar Birch/Mahogany construction to the Power Tour Custom range, but with 11ply Bass drums and floor toms, top coated with a thin phenolic resin layer, and 8 ply tom toms and snare drums.

Anyway, would appreciate more comments, and will try to post the close-ups!

Badge with a border and badges with no border or no badge at all?

If your FT measures 15 5/8" it would be pre-int size, you may want to measure the small tom (pre-int size 11 5/8) and your BD (21 5/8) as well, snare should be 14". I have a recient post with Remo pre-int size Emperor numbers listed if you'd like to order them.

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