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Many (but not all) Internet sites that allow downloading or file-swapping of fansubs will pull titles from circulation once they have officially been licensed for U. Manga graphic novels are usually the size of an extra-wide paperback novel A popular subgenre of romantic comedy which centers on a single boy/young man surrounded by a bevy of young beauties who cohabitate with him.

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: An extreme antisocial phenomenon in Japan (though it has parallels in other postindustrial countries) which involves individuals completely withdrawing from work, school, family, and society in general and holing up in their rooms, often spending all their time playing games, reading manga, watching anime, and/or surfing the Web.

It has recently appeared in several anime and manga, among them Hepburn system: A commonly-used method for transliterating Japanese writing into English.

Typically the male lead is a kind and gentle soul while most of the female characters are some combination of more powerful, aggressive, and/or capable.

hentai: Literally translating as perverted, when used in reference to an anime type it refers to adults-only anime distinguished by explicit sexual content.

Tends to emphasize everyday experiences and realistic (rather than idealistic) romance.

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