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Come June, one of Nerve’s most enduringly popular features will return.I Did It For Science follows the sexy, occasionally humiliating, and often hilarious adventures of two Nerve writers who’ll try anything once — as long as it’s for science.I jotted down Ryan’s address, leapt off the phone and quickly Googled "how to clean wooden floors." What if I ruined his fancy Upper East Side apartment? My bladder began to swell with urgency; I had traveled outside my "pee radius." My mind raced with concerns. Soon thereafter, gangrenated appendix matter poisoned my blood.

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How I would get cleaned up and get uptown in under two hours was beyond me, but I agreed to it. Except for the guy who used to pay to lick come off peep-show stalls in the Times Square of yesteryear. OBSERVATIONS/RESULTS: When Ryan answered the door, I was delighted to see that he was a preppy redhead. Apparently an evil-mascot trend is afoot in the world of cleaning products.

"I just have two main concerns," Ryan said before giving me his address. The prospect of doing something so naughty already had me a bit titillated. Even though I tend to date men who are more like the Fonz, I am most attracted to Richie Cunningham types — wholesome redheads. "I got it at the ninety-nine-cent store," Ryan admitted.

Since I was conducting my Internet search from my part-time day job (where I’d already been reprimanded for excessive web surfing), I had to work quickly to avoid The Man. Not knowing how much to charge, I looked to the other ads on Craigslist, but all of the nude housecleaners simply wrote, "e-mail me for rates," with the exception of one nude housecleaner who was offering his services for free. " exclaimed my coworker, Angie, who’d been hovering over my shoulder, reading the various ads.

After a moment’s deliberation, I typed: I figured that "adorable" sounded infinitely less conceited than "hot" or "sexy." Plus, I figured men who were seeking nude housekeepers were probably looking more for June Cleaver than Jenna Jameson. The going rate for clothed housekeepers was between ten and twenty dollars per hour.

Much to my surprise, I noticed that Scrubbing Bubbles had multiplied into an entire line of products, including toilet brushes, Fizz-it toilet tablets and mildew-stain removers.

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