Dating service business ideas benji madden dating holly madison

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But you must be able to connect and attract singles who are seeking for relationship and also you must be very creative in organizing events that will provide the platform for singles to connect with little or no stress.

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It is a means of generating income to manage your speed dating business. Provide Additional Services Aside from creating events that will facilitate singles meeting their partners, you can make money from speed dating business by providing additional services like counseling and selling of relationship materials (relationship books, rings and flowers et al) Since you know you have access to a good numbers of singles, it easier to market this product and services to them.

If you are not a trained relationship counselor, you can engage the services of a relationship counselor. Create and Online Presence and Register Your Business Once you are able to test run your speed dating business with people around you, the next step is to take it to the online community.

You can as well tell your friends to invite their friends that are still single and are ready for relationship. Develop Different Level of Membership One of the ways of generating money from this type of business is to develop different levels of membership for singles in your speed dating business.

You can create membership with different level of benefits like bronze membership package, silver membership package and gold or platinum membership package.

You can then go ahead to register your business and then explore online payment options for those who would want to subscribe to you’re the services you render.

Dating service business ideas

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