Dating remus lupin

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You’d glare at him and slap the back of his head none to gently and give him your “I’m not going to leave you so stop being dumb” speech.

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One of you could always be found with your head in the others lap, eyes closed and listening to the sound of the others voice.

You made a habit out of it to use different voices for each character so convincingly that Remus jaw would end up hurting from grinning so much. Your hair would be one of his favourite things about you.

“•"If I did I would’ve ran for the hills months ago.”•This only bringing your relationship stronger.•He felt lucky to have you and you felt lucky to have him.

Ron: If I had a Horcrux, I would drop it in the bottom of the ocean.

No matter how many times he did this you were always taken aback.

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