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A haphazard mound of earth was the only thing holding back the rising waters of the Sandy River. Soon the river punched through, devouring the earthen blockade within hours. Forest Service, was part of the team of scientists and engineers who orchestrated the removal of Marmot Dam.

Later, salmon would swim upstream for the first time in 100 years. Armed with experimental predictions, Grant was nonetheless astonished by the reality of the dam’s dramatic ending.

Nearly one-third of dams in the national inventory list “recreation” as their raison d’être, a rather vague description.

I inquired about this with the Army Corps of Engineers, which maintains the inventory, and their reply merely offered a cursory explanation of “purpose” codes in the database.

Gordon Grant points out that on the Columbia River, people fished at Celilo Falls for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest continually inhabited places in the country.

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