Free teen phonesex - Dating people with cats

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A lot of times, they use their dog or cat to weed out the undesirables: If Rover growls at you when you come in the door, you’re gone.

So, learning to be good to your fur friends and get them to like you back can be good for a lot of reasons, including a healthy love life.

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Also, if you’re a guy who likes women and you have no dog, maybe you want to reconsider: 72 percent of the single women surveyed responded that a dog is the “hottest pet a guy could own.” Pet Smart Infographic" / Also, it turns out that owners of dogs are a little bit more, uh, dogmatic about their choice in pets: 97 percent of cat owners were open to dating “dog people,” but only 66 percent of dog owners are willing to cross that line.

Apparently, switch hitters just aren’t as common among dog fans.

They know they don’t have to prove how masculine they are just because they have a cat.

Also, cat dudes generally love all other kinds of pets, making them an overall animal person.

Studies show that self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests than self-identified dog owners.

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