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The Montana Workers' Compensation Court provides a fair, efficient, and effective forum for the resolution of disputes arising under the Montana Workers' Compensation Act and the Occupational Disease Act The Forty-Fourth Legislative Assembly created the Office of the Workers' Compensation Court on July 1, 1975, to provide an efficient and effective forum for the resolution of disputes arising under the Workers' Compensation Act, § 39-71-101, MCA, et seq., and the Occupational Disease Act, § 39-72-101, MCA, et seq.Subsequent Legislatures have increased the Court's exclusive jurisdiction to include matters such as disputes involving independent contractor exemptions and enforcement of the Department of Labor and Industry's investigatory powers.

Trials are conducted statewide in five major Montana cities.

All proceedings and hearings before the Court are governed by the appropriate provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.

Objective: Continue to annually review the Workers’ Compensation Court Rules to ensure they remain clear and easy to decipher for unrepresented parties as well as the practicing bar.

- Goal #2: Continue flexible policy of trying cases when and where the parties wish.

The Court is bound by common law and the statutory rules of evidence.

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